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Pelvi Cups are a game changer in period care; they are easy to use, and healthier for your body! A comfortable design with a secure fit, offering complete protection from leaks. Unlike tampons, Pelvi menstrual cups don’t take breaks and have you covered for 8 consecutive hours.

Available in smallmedium, or large.

Large Cup Size Guide

For  women over 30 years old who have given birth vaginally and have heavier flows. The Large holds 40ml is 46 in diameter and 70mm long.


  • No cramps. No dryness. No irritation.
  • Collects 3-4 times more fluid than tampons
  • Wear for 8 consecutive hours, even overnight!
  • Reuse one cup for 6 years
  • No latex, dyes, chemicals or BPA
  • Australian Owned and made in USA


Fold the Pelvi Cup into a cylinder shape, then gently insert into your vagina. Once inserted the cup forms a seal between the outside of the cup and the walls of your vagina. This allows for a secure and comfortable fit, naturally staying in place.



  • FDA and TGA approved (ARTG Number: 312885)
  • 100% Certified Medical Grade Silicone
  • Hypoallergenic, clinically and dermatologically tested
  • Australian Owned and made in USA


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100% Certified Medical Grade Silicone

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