Tuti Bamboo Fleece insert set


Tuti Bamboo fleece insert set

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These are the inserts that come with TUTI nappies, now available for individual sale.

Custom-created inserts with four layers of THIRST in each.

The bamboo content is 80% with a synthetic woven through (20%) to increase absorption and durability over time and thousands of washes.

Bamboo is a natural fiber with fabulous breathability and antibacterial properties. It is also super sustainable and a renewable resource.

These inserts include one that is slightly longer so that it might be folded up in the front for a boy to create yet ANOTHER layer of absorption, or further back for a girl.

You can choose to stuff these into the TUTI nappy cover via the front of the large opening back pocket OR you can use them against the baby’s skin as they’re silky soft.

They’re premium quality and will pass the test of time.

They will be built up to full absorbency after 8-10 washes.


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